How To Root Nubia Red Magic 3

This is our method of rooting most smartphones nowadays. We are going to teach you how you can simply root your Nubia Red Magic 3 using Root4Android Tools. Your main concerc, if you are reading this, might the about the safety of rooting phone. We will put it as it is, there is absolutely no danger implied for your phones. It is advisible though to create a backup of you sensitive information such as photos or contacts, just so unwanted situations are not created.

ABOUT Nubia Red Magic 3

The Red Magic 3 is a gaming smartphone from Nubia. It not only has the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, but it also has liquid cooling along with an internal fan and shoulder buttons for gaming.  The Nubia Red Magic has a 6.65-inch full-HD+ HDR AMOLED display with good viewing angles. It also has a faster 90Hz refresh rate which comes in handy in supported games. It does have front firing stereo speakers which help improve the gaming performance on the smartphone. The Red Magic 3 also has a dedicated key for gaming mode. The Nubia Red Magic has a 5,000mAh battery which helps you stay off the charger for a really long time. The Red Magic 3 has an RGB light strip at the back which light up for incoming notifications and when the Gaming mode is enabled.  Nubia has launched two variants of the Red Magic 3 in India, 8GB RAM with 128GB of storage and 12GB of RAM with 256GB storage. It is a dual SIM device and ran Android Pie of the box. The 5,000mAh battery does help deliver good battery life and Nubia supplies a 27W charger in the box.  At the back, the Red Magic 3 has a single 48-megapixel camera which clicks photos at 12-megapixels by default. It has a 16-megapixel selfie shooter as well. The camera performance of the Red Magic 3 was decent but some of the key camera features were missing. If you are looking for a smartphone primarily for gaming, then the Red Magic 3 is something you should consider. 


Android is am open-source operating system. This means that advanced users are allowed to see the mighty Source Code. Bascially, you can acces and even modify crytical files of your OS. This, of course, it’s awesome. Due to the fact that we need lot of the files that are already in our phones, we should not modify anything that you don’t know what is used for, so stick with this tutorial step by step. The great thing is that rooting let’s you tweak your phone to your precise preference and liking, so it enhances the experience.


Following is the step by step proceduree of rooting Nubia Red Magic 3 WITHOUT PC

1. You will need Root4Android Tools, so check the end of the article for the download link provided.

2. Proceed installing the .apk file.

If instalation is not allowed, go to settings, and under security tab you will need to CHECK “unknown sources“. This is the way of letting your phone know that you actually intend of installing a new app.

3. Go to home-screen, and open the recently installed Root4Android Tools.

4. In the menu of Root4Android Tools, tap “One Click Root”. We made the interface realy easy-to-use, you should not face any difficulties, so don’t worry.


ROOTING Nubia Red Magic 3 WITH PC

Easy way ROOT Nubia Red Magic 3 PROCEDURE WITH PC

Thinking your Windows/MacOs might be old ? Absolutely not. We optimised Root4Android Tools to work great with all of them. Try and see for yourself.

1. Download exe from the link below to root your Nubia Red Magic 3.

2. Further, you have to enable USB-Debugging on Nubia Red Magic 3.

To do so, go to settings, under “ about phone “, scoll down to “Build number “. Tap that section seven times, untill you see the message “You are now a developer!”

3. Install and run Root4Android Tools on you PC or Mac.

4. Connect your Nubia Red Magic 3 to you PC/MAC with and USB cable. And allow Root4Android Tools some seconds to recognise your device.

5. Allow USB-debugging. Tap “ always allow on this computer ” , if asked.

6. Click “Root“ and wait a few minutes, the process is completely automated.

7. In the end, your phone will restart, it is normal, don’t panic. When it powers itself back on, it will be rooted.

There you have it. This is how you root your Nubia Red Magic 3.

*For the purpose of saving time, screenshots in this tutorial were previosly made with other phone, but Nubia Red Magic 3 was tested with this method as well, so it is safe.





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